About Me

Terry Galler, MA, LPC

Since I have always been the person people talk to about their problems, I decided that counseling was the right fit for me. I have loved working with people for the past 20 years and helping them understand what brings them to their current place in life.

Much of the work I do is helping individuals heal from the deep wounds caused by abuse and neglect. They are experiences that continue to impact lives long after the trauma is over. I understand the challenges survivors face in dealing with intense emotions, establishing trust within relationships and finding positive ways to parent. I believe that what has happened to you does not have to define who you truly are. By creating a space of safety and trust, I help guide people through their pain and discover a path toward healing. It is possible to create a life that belongs to your present and your future that is no longer defined by your past!

There are so many things that pull us in a million directions every day. Juggling work, kids, home, activities, and relationships can seem almost impossible (not to mention exhausting!) Under all this stress, relationships can struggle. It’s hard to find time to talk to each other, and when we do, conversations often leave us feeling frustrated and angry. What most of us want is to be heard, understood, and supported. It’s not easy. But even if you have been hurt, I believe relationships can be repaired, restored and revitalized. With time, skill, commitment and compassion, your relationship can grow deeper in ways you can only imagine.

I have spent a large part of my career learning the inner workings of adolescents while raising my own twin daughters. My children have been my greatest teachers! I truly enjoy working with teens and understanding their unique perspectives. The pressures they face now are incredible in our fast paced, technologically driven world. Is it any wonder why more teens are experiencing depression and anxiety at record rates?

Teaching teens good coping skills now can help them feel more grounded and allow them be more successful in their academics, sports, and relationships. Parenting also poses its own unique challenges and modern families have to learn new ways to interact and stay connected. It truly is the toughest job on the planet and most of us only get “on the job” training! Learning positive parenting skills can help you feel more effective and create more loving connections between you and your children.

Making the decision to consider counseling can be a daunting one. However, I believe that no one can get through this life without help from time to time.

If your time is now, then I would be honored to guide you on your journey!

Terry's Credentials
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Bachelor Degree in Human Relations (1992)
Master's Degree in Clinical and Community Psychology (1994)
Arizona License Professional Counselor LPC 10406 (certified since 2002, licensed since 2004)
US Air Force Veteran: Honorable Discharge 1984-1990
Member of American Counseling Association
Certified Gottman 7 Principles Educator

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Terry Galler, MA, LPC